Sunday, July 24, 2005


Bam Inscription Dossier
to be handed
by February

Cultural Heritage and Tourism organization was made incumbent by World Heritage committee to submit the dossier concerning the inscription of Bam cultural landscape by February next year while it has been placed on the list of world heritage since Bam devastating earthquake last year.

Tehran – 23 July, 2005 (CHN) – Responding to world heritage committee request, Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism organization and Bam cultural heritage rescue team will submit the completed dossier for inscription of Bam cultural landscape by February.

Bam cultural landscape that includes Bam castle, and its ancient sites, gardens, and ducts was urgently registered on the list of world heritage last year, right after the devastating earthquake in the city.

“We are sure that we can prepare the extensive reconstruction plan of Bam and its management program before the deadline set by UNESCO” said Eskandar Mokhtari.

“Currently,” asserted Shahriar Adl, the international expert of cultural heritage, “we are negotiating for a contract of mapping the eastern district of Bam under the supervision of Iranian institute of topography. The next phase of the procedure would be the completion of mapping the northwest district that includes prehistoric and Neolithic artifacts.”

Bam region had several historical monuments, such as Bam castle, and also archeological sites dating back to the Achaemenid era, most of which were damaged in the earthquake.

UNESCO World Heritage Committee in its 29th session in Durban, South Africa had asked the Iranian officials to complete their report on Bam and its cultural landscape to be studied in February, 2005.


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